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i'm kait. i'm going to have a terribly interesting autobiography - perhaps you should purchase a copy when it's a new york times bestseller.

FUCK dude. What is my deal. I need to get my shit together, in a real way.

Hopefully this textpost works

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I have 5 invites if anyone else wants to join. I just qualified for a VoxBox and I didn’t really do anything haha.

I love books, I enjoy tv shows, but I hate fandoms so gaddamn much.

it’s funny how any woman who simply wants to be in charge of her own body/ sex organs is considered a “whore.”

This is Thin Privilege: To me thin Privilege is...

Allow me to politely interject (because I do think fat-shaming is uncalled for), but “body shaming” can happen to people of all shapes and sizes:

1. I’ve never gotten a free t-shirt that fits, either. Even the smalls at the blood bank drown me, which is a bummer, because they’re always pretty sweet looking. Also I just basically paid for it with a pint or so of my blood, so I feel like I deserve it. ;)

2. I’ll sit at the bar, or on the patio, please. It’s nice outside! Or better yet, some sweet-home-cookin’!

3. Never Have I Ever had a gym membership. I occasionally do P90 yoga, or The Girls Next Door workout video, or swim or just go for a walk. Combining that with (ehem, sometimes) healthy eating, I’ve managed to stay at 125 lbs.

4. Well, from the other perspective, it’s kind of awkward and uncomfortable trying to figure out the best way to make room without seeming like a dick who’s calling attention to someone’s weight. Although a dirty look is never called for, so I’ll give you that.

5. I dunno if there’s a rebuttal for that, other than I just spent about 5 seconds on Amazon and found a 2-pack of seat belt extenders for $28 with free 2-day shipping. Here’s a link if it’s helpful and you haven’t already spent money on some:

6. I’ll give you that, too, because name-calling isn’t ever okay. But on the other hand, I don’t appreciate the insinuation from TiTP that it is a privilege for me to be called anorexic, asked if I’m eating, told I need to ‘put more on my plate,’ and told ‘Real women have curves, only dogs go for bones.’
It’s JUST as rude.

7. Sexual attraction is objective, I’ve had plenty of questions directed toward me about why I was attracted to a particular SO. Have hope, because just because someone isn’t ‘traditionally attractive’ doesn’t mean no one will find them beautiful. Admittedly, it’s a pretty damn rude question to be asked in the first place, but don’t think that overweight people are the only victims of that kind of discrimination. I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘butterface,’ which was pretty much engineered to be mean to skinny people.

8. I don’t see that really being too much of an issue if you stay away from stuff like wicker or shitty cheap plastic, and stay more in the arena of sturdier wood or even metal. Couches or bed frames with low-to-the-ground legs would also be a safe bet.

But on the real, when medical professionals discuss weight, they’re not just trying to scam you for cash or insult your natural body type. Obesity is truly a danger, especially combined with genetics, poor exercise and/or eating habits, and smoking habits. It’s up to an individual what they choose to do in regards to their own health, but medical professionals are there to insure that you have the best information available to lead a long, healthy life. The best thing you can do for yourself is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen. As someone who is guilty of slacking off on exercise, and smoking about a pack a week, I can say that I’ll be changing many of my habits in the interest of my own health, especially since my dad had a massive heart attack this week due in part to his own genetics and health habits, and has to have the second of two angioplasties in a few weeks after he recovers from the first one. There’s nothing that will kick your ass into gear like the thought that you could lose a loved one, or that a loved one could lose you. Just saying.

How to do Math Homework

Step 1: Panic

Step 2: Read the chapter all the way through

Step 3: Figure out how to do the type of problem, and make sure you can do it on your own and do it right every time.

Step 4: Wolfram Alpha the rest, so it takes you 20 min instead of 2 hours.